Terms & Conditions 

By booking our Daycare or Home Boarding services you agree to our Terms & Conditions

The Six Steps to a Confirmed Booking

You understand that a booking is only confirmed when the following have been completed. 

To comply with our license conditions you agree that:

To comply with our restrictions you agree that your dog does not;

*Suitability of your dogs behavior and energy levels will be assessed initially during the meet & greet session. You will also be required to complete a trial night as soon as possible after the meet and greet session to enable us to fully assess suitability. If the trial night is not successful your dog will not be able to utilise our daycare or home boarding facilities. 

If your dog displays any behaviours that are unacceptable such as aggression, excessive urination indoors or excessive separation anxiety; your emergency contact will be asked to collect your dog to ensure safety of your dog and ours. Please not there will not be a refund provided back.